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The Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association firmly believes we can have a healthy and productive oil and gas industry in Texas without sacrificing your private property rights or the integrity of Texas lands.

Since the beginning of the shale plays, Texans' property rights regarding surface and mineral ownership are being assaulted on a very regular basis at all levels of government. What happens at the state legislature, at the Railroad Commission of Texas, and in the courts directly affects your assets—your land, your minerals, your rights. 
But you have a family, a job, a life. You do not have time to constantly follow the antics of those at work in Austin.

TLMA works for you by providing one united voice for all members - advocating for common-sense laws and regulations that do not discourage oil and gas development, but that insist on respect for the private property rights of land and mineral owners.

TLMA actively seeks positive change and also defends against further erosion of your rights. Whether its for plugging abandoned wells, protecting landowners faced with eminent domain action, or preserving groundwater ownership, TLMA pays attention to what is happening in Austin so you do not have to.

TLMA is a nonpartisan association, and it is not affiliated with a political action committee (PAC). None of TLMA's revenue goes to support political candidates or campaigns.

The association engages in direct advocacy to achieve its mission of
  • » a business and legal environment that promotes a healthy oil and gas industry in Texas by ensuring that the rights of mineral and surface owners are protected;
  • » a reduction in litigation; and
  • » the protection of our precious groundwater resources.

Chairman Kimberley K. McTee - Catharine C. Whittenburg Trusts/Turkey Track Ranch
Vice-Chairman Thomas H. "Tom" Daniel - 
Six Mountain Partners, LP
Treasurer E.O. "Trey" Scott, III - Trinity Mineral Management
John D. Alexander, Jr. - King Ranch
Barry Coates Roberts - Coates Energy Trust
James C. "Jimmy" Broussard - J.E. Broussard Heirs O&G and LaBelle Properties, Ltd.
Carolyn Frost Keenan - Keenan Family Interests
George Tanner - Cuatro Estrellas, Ltd.
James P. "Rick" Walker, Sr. - Huisache Cattle Co. Ltd.
R. Neal Wilkins - East Foundation

District Representatives
John S. Baen, Ph.D., Denton
Lorin Looney Runnels, San Antonio
Amy Stieren Smiley, San Antonio

Advisory Directors
Joseph B.C. Fitzsimons
John B. McFarland
Howard P. Newton
George J. Person
Dr. Kitty-Sue Quinn

Honorary Directors
The Honorable Dolph Briscoe* - Director 1999-2010
Jack Hunt - Director 1999-2010
Roger Welder - Chairman 2005-2009, Director 1999-2005
J.A. Whittenburg, III* - Director 1999-2014
The Honorable Cullen Looney - Director 2001-2010
Doug Beveridge - Director 2002-2007
Chaunce Thompson, Jr. - Director 2004-2011
Morgan Dunn O'Connor - Vice Chairman 2010-2016, Director 2009-2010, Vice President 1999-2009
Scott Petty, Jr. - Director 2001-2018
Lica Pinkston - Director 2010-2018