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Your support is critical to ensuring land and mineral owners have a united voice in Austin! 


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
  •  THANK YOU to all of our generous sponsors of the inaugural TLMA Regional Meetings!
  • Carolyn Frost Keenan & Charlie Gaines/Bass Breeze Lakes Ranch/P7 Kettle Ranch
  • Bissett Ranch Partnership
  • Friend of TLMA
  • Gary Jones
  • Helen K. Groves and Silverbrook Ranches
  • Santa Fe-East Partners
  • Trey & Paula Scott
  • Lower48 Analytics, Inc
  • Argent Mineral Management


"TLMA is a means whereby we as mineral, royalty, and land owners can contribute to the success of the organization by showing legislators that we care what happens to our environment and we expect the oil companies to comply with the rules and regulations that have been laid out for them."

Lica Pinkston
Santa Fe-East Cattle Co.
Alice, Texas
"It is hard to have any influence in Austin if you don't organize your efforts. As land and mineral owners, we have an independent streak but we need to band together if we are going to be effective in legislative and judicial matters affecting our interests. TLMA takes lots of steps to assure its members' interests are aligned and when it acts, it is for our community of interests."

John Alexander
Board Member King Ranch Inc.
San Antonio, Texas
"TLMA is THE voice that is heard in Austin. TLMA represents all land and mineral owners, no matter the size of their holdings. I strongly encourage you to become a member and add your words to this voice."

Kimberley K. McTee
Turkey Track Ranch
Catharine C. Whittenburg Trusts
Amarillo, Texas
"I joined because we love our land as well as our mineral income and POTENTIAL income from both the AG land and the great unknown of what may lay beneath. Texas and this great country was founded on its land and the people. TLMA represents the coming together of these components with a balanced view of maximizing the resource benefits of both people and land and minerals with a steward's attitude toward the present and future. We are not "tree huggers" but like trees, we are not big on "Big Oil" but love the benefits of oil and gas through logical regulations, reasonable legislation, strong private property rights and quiet action results from our collective efforts, talents, and TLMA Staff."

Professor John S. Baen, Ph.D.
University of North Texas College of Business
Denton, Texas
"I have two sons raised as cowboys and developed as cowmen and ranch managers who live on family ranches in the Texas Panhandle. One of these is on the Canadian River in Hemphill County, the other on the North Fork of the Red River in Gray County. The day will come when they will assume the management of the surface and minerals of a ranch in Loving and Winkler Counties in drought stricken West Texas. I have told them they will need the connection to, and occasional direction from, the Texas and Land Mineral Owners Association now and then, as time goes on, in order to cope with the varying challenges to the ownership and management of Texas ranchlands. These challenges can arise, not only from drought and other irregular weather, but from rules and interpretations of law, local, state and federal. As a buffer thereto, TLMA can help provide a professional defense."

J. Evetts Haley, Jr.
Haley Ranches
Midland, Texas
"TLMA is the only advocacy group in Texas that works exclusively for land and mineral owners in Austin, protecting your private property rights as they relate to surface and minerals. "

Morgan O'Connor
Bissett Ranch Partnership
Victoria, Texas